About me

TLDR: Grab my CV for a condensed look at my skills and experience.

Hi! I’m a developer at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging. I work as part of the machine learning team to automate and improve the image processing workflows of cardiologists at hospitals around the world.

We can save the healthcare system valuable time and resources by teaching AI to handle some of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that normally require expert clinician knowledge. My role is to train machine learning models, research and implement new architectures, process data, and anything else that can improve the quality of the software we make, cvi42. Being here allows me to combine my medical physics and machine learning knowledge.

A few years ago, I obtained an MSc from the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. I was supervised by Dr. Graham Wright at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, and afterwards spent some time working there as a researcher. I specialized in cardiac magnetic resonance image reconstruction with a focus on non-Cartesian data. My areas of interest were: 1) Image processing and the development/validation of MR imaging pipelines, and 2) Software integrations for medical devices. I also began to teach myself about machine learning and developed a couple of medical image segmentation models.

Previously, I received a BSc in Physics from Queen's University. My undergraduate thesis there looked at why some disk galaxies like UGC 3697 are warped by modeling a galaxy as a series of concentric rings that pull on each other gravitationally.